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Modern Slavery Training with Supply Chain Sustainability School

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Directors at CarmichaelUK and members of the Trades & Labour team carried out another Modern Slavery Training Workshop today through the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

It’s shocking to learn that there are 50 million people trapped in modern slavery worldwide. And the figures are getting worse. We must be responsible employers by making sure that our employees know how to spot the signs of modern slavery and furthermore, what to do if they encounter it.

It is important to recognise the SOS hand signal that victims use to indicate that they are trapped in modern slavery.

A quick guide to warning signs that could indicate people being kept in servitude:

  • Evidence of a workplace being used for accommodation

  • Workers are distrustful of authorities

  • Workers look uneasy, unkempt or malnourished

  • Signs of psychological trauma

  • Untreated injuries

  • Evidence of control over movement (being picked up and dropped off in groups)

  • Signs of substance misuse

  • Workers don’t know work or home address

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