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Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Alert Today. Alive Tomorrow.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our contractors is a top priority for CarmichaelUK.  We want to make sure that all our contractors work in a safe environment where their physical and mental health is protected.  We achieve this by conducting regular independent site audits to ensure that the site is safe for our candidates to work. 


CarmichaelUK strongly focuses on the well-being of our contractors. We were pioneers in conducting the first anonymous Wellbeing in Construction Survey, sharing results at the Wellbeing in Construction Summit.  We are also the only construction recruitment company to have trained every single member of our staff as a Mental Health First Aider.   From time to time we also offer our contractors the opportunity to take part in training to become an on-site Mental Health First Aider.


We use independent and in-house health and safety consultants to audit our client’s sites on a regular basis to satisfy ourselves that the site is safe for our candidates to work. They provide a report and advice on any areas where improvements could be made so that we can liaise with clients where appropriate.


We carry out robust compliance checks on all of our contractors to ensure that they are competent to work on-site and that all of their safety-critical certifications are valid. We also occasionally undertake random D&A tests to check that our contractors and staff are complying fully with our health & safety policies.

Report a Near Miss

We offer a number of schemes for our contractors to anonymously and confidentially report any concerns that they may have whilst on site. We will never divulge the source of any concern and we will always investigate any concern that is reported and take action where appropriate.

Health and Safety Policy

If you would like to view our full Health and Safety Policy, please click here.

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