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At CarmichaelUK we believe that equality, diversity, and inclusion is about treating people fairly, creating a level playing field in terms of opportunity, and respecting and appreciating different views and attitudes. It means ensuring that there are no discriminatory practices or effects on any group of people arising from our actions or systems.

Celebrate is our pledge to become an organisation that strives to: 

  • Attain true equity by treating people fairly 

  • Recognise and value diversity in all its forms 

  • Offer a fully inclusive and welcoming working environment 

  • Respect all people and enable them to be themselves at work 


Celebrate aims to help everybody, whatever their identity or background, to be the best they can. 


Our Collective Responsibility 

Our Directors, Senior Leadership Team and all of our Employees recognise and support the need to embrace the values of our Celebrate pledge to ensure that we embed fairness, inclusion and respect within our culture. As a company we realise that we are responsible for our actions. 


Our Collective Commitment  

Carmichaeluk is committed to enhancing our recruitment practices both internally and with our clients to ensure our recruitment practices are inclusive and remove any barriers for candidates with difference. We welcome applications from all. We embrace the positivity that diverse recruitment brings.  


Our Collective Accountability 

Everybody at CarmichaelUK has a part to pay in upholding our Celebrate Pledge. Guided by the Directors, we have Celebrate Champions across the business who are passionate about championing the particular area for which they are responsible. All Champions are tasked to ensure that we constantly strive to deliver our objective of being a truly responsible diverse and inclusive employer.

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