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Refer a Friend

Earn up to £500* by referring a friend who's looking for work in a White Collar role


Earn up to £150* by referring a friend who's looking for work in a Blue Collar Role

(T&C's Apply, see below)

Professional & Technical Positions
Earn £500 - Refer A Friend

Trades & Labour Positions
Earn £150 - Refer a Friend



  • Your referral(s) should be made online via this form to be eligible under this scheme

  • We are unable to accept referrals that are not submitted on this form

  • This form is automatically date stamped with the date of your submission

  • You must obtain the agreement of the person you are referring before you share their details with us

  • There are two categories of finder’s fees available depending on the category of referral

  • Finder’s fees will become payable when we receive the required number of authorised weekly timesheets

  • Any finder’s fee payments due will be subject to tax and NI at the prevailing rate

Payment will be made to a UK bank account only

If the same referral is made by two separate individuals and a payment becomes due under the terms of the scheme, we will make payment to the person who was first to submit the referral as per the date stamp on the submission

You may submit multiple referrals of personnel and each entry will require a separate online submission

If your referral does not lead to a successful outcome within 6 months of the date of submission of the form, the entry will be considered null and void

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