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Our Expertise

For over 25 years we have worked in close partnership with our clients to develop strong relationships and in depth understanding of their organisations and their projects. 


We work together to agree bespoke recruitment strategies based on market conditions. This ensures that that we can supply quality personnel to exacting standards at the points in time that they are needed.

Relationships over Transactions


Relationships over Transactions

To preserve our reputation as the agency of ‘choice’, we work hard to build strong and lasting relationships with people who are passionate about civil engineering. 


We see our contractors as valued individuals who are an integral part of our business.   We are committed to placing people first which is confirmed by the number of contractors who have worked with us for 15 years or more.

High-Quality Candidates

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High-Quality Candidates

CarmichaelUK operates robust and thorough onboarding processes which include all relevant pre-employment and skills compliance checks. During the onboarding process we maintain close contact with our contractor to make sure that they are invested in their new company and feel supported in the initial weeks.

On-boarding Process

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CarmichaelUK has been championing equality, diversity, and inclusion for many years through our programme, Celebrate.


This is our commitment to ensure that all our actions are aligned to being an inclusive employer and recruiter.

Celebrate is also our pledge to source talent from the widest possible pool so that as a company we can benefit from the advantages offered by a truly diverse workforce. Our award-winning EDI work has been recognised by RIDI, Women into Construction, Considerate Constructors, and others.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

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Equality Diversity

& Inclusion

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