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International Women's Day 2023: Celebrating women in construction!

International Women's Day marks a day to recognize all the accomplishments of women in areas like culture, politics, the economy and society at large.

CarmichaelUK supports women in construction through our partnership with Women Into Construction (WiC). A non-profit organisation that supports gender equality in construction and works to address any skills shortages to create a more diverse workforce.

An increased amount of women in construction brings in new perspectives and skill sets that are needed as well as a more diverse thought process, resulting in greater productivity and ideas at construction sites bringing innovation to the industry. Also, giving women the opportunity to explore their talents and promote economic growth.

Although construction is largely a male-dominated industry, we have seen an increase in the number of women applying to work in the field of construction and are currently at a figure of approximately 14% of construction industry specialists being women.

Jennie Gallagher, Accounts Director at CarmichaelUK talks about her experience being a woman on-site in the construction industry.

CarmichaelUK regularly attends school fairs and university events to engage openly with candidates and women who are seeking opportunities in construction and civil engineering. We hope to have more opportunities come our way to interact with those who can bring more diversity and a wider range of talent into the industry.

This year for international women's day we want to #EmbraceEquity, so let's ask ourselves the question 'what is the difference between equity and equality?'

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