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Top Tips: How to ace your next phone interview

With more and more interviews taking place virtually now it's important that you are able to putting your best foot forward on your initial call.

Checkout these tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible...


  • Get dressed as if the interview was face to face, this puts you in a professional mind set

  • Make sure you are in a quiet room with no interruptions

  • Wear headphones to help block out outside noises

  • Make sure to silence other notifications on your phone and any other devices

  • Have a copy of your CV printed out, alongside having a pen and paper at hand

  • Write a list of any questions you may have beforehand

  • Have a glass of water ready


  • Answer the phone professionally “Good morning, this is ... speaking"

  • Stand or walk around when you’re on the phone, this helps with voice projection

  • Make sure not to smoke, eat or chew gum


  • Thank your interviewer for their time by sending a follow up email 6-8 hours afterwards

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