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Employer Tuesday!

It is the second day of National Apprenticeship Week, and we look forward to celebrating the success stories that highlight the crucial role of apprenticeships in empowering individuals.

An apprenticeship program in the construction industry is one of the most effective ways to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to kick-start a successful and fulfilling career in the industry.  On-the-job training, combined with the latest technical expertise, helps develop well-rounded individuals who can contribute significantly on-site from the start.

Rod Carmichael, the Managing Director of CarmichaelUK, began his career in construction as an apprentice and strongly believes in the advantages that this entry route can provide.

“My introduction to construction through the apprenticeship route many, many years ago enabled me to learn through experience.  This helped me to engage, explore and experiment with concepts so that as my career developed, I was able to offer well-considered solutions to challenging problems.  Being able to apply my knowledge to make an impact made me feel part of the team and is one of the reasons why I enjoyed my time on-site so much.
I am a great believer in apprenticeships and am very keen to follow the careers of our ten CarmichaelUK site apprentices.  Over time, apprenticeships will help to decrease the currently escalating skills gap and these ten young people will play an important part in the future of our industry.”


Rod Carmichael, Managing Director, CarmichaelUK

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