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Apprenticeships For All!

Updated: Feb 8

CarmichaelUK is committed to inclusive recruitment and implements this commitment through its Celebrate programme. The Celebrate programme extends to all areas of the business, including apprenticeship opportunities both in the office and on-site.  Currently, 4% of the company’s head office staff and 3% of its site staff are actively studying for an apprenticeship.


Under the Celebrate programme, apprenticeship opportunities are regularly made available to applicants from underrepresented groups.  As a result, we now have a diverse group of talented individuals enjoying learning their crafts in various fields such as marketing, data analytics, steel fixing and groundwork.

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is an annual celebration of apprenticeships that has been taking place for the past 17 years. The event aims to raise awareness about the benefits of apprenticeships and promote their importance in helping individuals gain valuable skills and experiences in various industries. This year NAW will be celebrating its 17th anniversary, highlighting the continued success and growth of the apprenticeship system!

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