Our Recruitment Services in Australia

CarmichaelUK was founded in 1995 and during that time we have supplied most tier 1 civil engineering and construction companies across the UK with highly qualified and experienced civil engineering personnel. 


We are one of the largest privately owned civil engineering recruitment agencies in the UK.  


Our company is ISO accredited and holds ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 44001 (Collaborative Business Relationships).

About us in the UK

About us in the UK

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We have been trading in Australia since 2008 and have placed close to 200 engineers with main contractors there in that time.  We have supplied building, construction, survey, rail, tunnelling, civil engineering, structural engineering, and project management personnel.  We have an office in Brisbane and local staff who know and understand the Australian market.


We carry out transactions in AU Dollars through the Australian division of our company.

About us in Australia

About us in Australia

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Our current UK workforce comprises a significant number of Australian civil engineers who come to us to either start or to further their career by working on some of the most iconic projects in the UK.  We can present these engineers to selected Australian companies, together with British and European engineers who are eligible for sponsorship in Australia. 


We also work closely with clients and candidates from New Zealand and South Africa and have access to them and their networks also.

Our Service in Australia

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Australian Services

Our working relationships are based on collaboration with our clients and our candidates. Our approach is based on getting to know our client, their projects, and their requirements, so that we can then invest our time to proactively recruit rather than react to last minute vacancies. With advance knowledge we can pipeline candidates for our clients, and subsequently avoid the necessity to enter an already highly competitive marketplace on a speculative basis. 


Our offering in the Australian market is a tailor-made, bespoke solution that is both flexible and adaptable. We target suitably qualified candidates from our pool who have been selected specifically to meet the resourcing requirements of our client partner. The candidates we propose to our clients are known to us or our networks.  These candidates integrate seamlessly into our client’s teams and understand the culture and objectives of our client’s projects.

Working in Partnerships with Clients

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    Working in Partnership

The CarmichaelUK recruitment teams assigned to our Australian clients include ex-engineers and surveyors who have had hands on project-based experience both in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our recruitment teams understand the civil engineering aspects of the projects they recruit for, as well as the technical head-hunting and recruitment skills required to find the right candidates. Each recruitment consultant brings a different expertise and country knowledge with them, originating from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and South Africa and as a result provide exceptional access to these markets.  Recruitment is carried out from our London office in the UK in consultation with our Brisbane office in Australia.

Our Recruitment Teams

Our Recruitment Teams

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‘At Hinkley Point C, the Kier/BAM JV was required to deliver a huge amount of critical path works in a fairly short timescale.  During the planning stages we engaged Carmichael UK to support the JV with providing a large number of engineering staff of high competency.


Carmichael UK successfully provided engineering staff to the JV throughout the project ensuring candidates were vetted and approved in line with programme requirements.   From the outset we jointly agreed that a successful working relationship was required to support project delivery, so we established good communication lines, and a collaborative and open approach was embraced by both parties which allowed candidates to be brought on fully vetted without issues.’

  Project Manager, Bam Nutall

  Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station

Carmichael UK Offering

Benefit to Client

500 Candidates who are currently working for Carmichael UK and who possess current

UK major project experience

1,500 antipodean candidates who have previously worked for us in the UK and

remain in touch with us via our networks

3,000 candidates who have either worked for Carmichael UK, or worked with us on the same projects, and have returned to Australia

7,500 candidates who have  previously worked directly for Carmichael UK or been placed by us on UK major projects

67,000 contacts on our database comprising British, Irish, European, Australian and New Zealanders with UK major project experience

45,000 contacts with whom we have LinkedIn connections consisting of company followers and Carmichael UK staff connections

Direct access to Carmichael UK candidates who may be considering returning to Australia

or relocating to Australia

Direct access to candidates who have returned to Australia and have a working relationship with Carmichael UK

Direct access to candidates who have returned to Australia and have a relationship with us or are well known to Carmichael UK

Access to candidates based in the UK who have a relationship with Carmichael UK and who may be interested in moving to Australia

Access to candidates who possess major project experience who may be canvassed

for their interest in working in Australia

Access to the Carmichael UK LinkedIn network which enables direct messages to be sent to contacts who meet the client’s hiring criteria